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I was shocked to read in my Thyroid Bible that early grey hair, that is – getting grey hair in your 20s – is an indicator for later thyroid disease!  I noticed my first grey hair at 28 and by 32 I had Graves disease!  I couldn’t figure out why none of my older siblings had any grey hair yet. Who knew?!

Also, before I was diagnosed I noticed my hair was thinning. The texture also became much more fine (and its quite fine to begin with).  Sure enough, two months later I was diagnosed with Graves disease.   I was under a lot of stress about 5 years ago and my hair was thinning then, too. I wonder if it’s possible for my thyroid to have been high then?


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I apparently do not have Graves eye disease, or Graves ophthamology. My eyes do not bulge, but they are constantly sore, photosensitive, and extremely dry. The lids, top and bottom get swollen, which drains throughout the day, but then I get very dark circles underneath my eyes.

I am going to get my thyroid removed and I hope this helps because my eyes feel this way all day, every day. It seems worse when my thyroid levels are high.

My doctor is completely lackadaisical in treating me and I’ve been given no drugs to help me in the 8 months I’ve had the disease, simply because my last blood test was “not that high”, even though my symptoms fluctuate from day to day, week to week. Currently, I feel my levels are extremely high.  Even the pharmacist reacted with disdain when I came in to try another brand of beta-blocker instead of fulfilling a prescription for PTU.  

He’s like, “Have you schedule RAI or thyroidectomy yet?”

I said, “No. I’m still waiting for drugs first.”

His look said it all. I’m not getting the kind of treatment I deserve. I actually think that drugs might be perfect for me because my levels aren’t too high. I think that makes me a good candidate to go into remission. I need to do more research, so if you know anything, please comment below!


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