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Well, I’m still pregnant – now 7 weeks. Finger crossed.

Around 6 weeks I started to get really tired. I thought it was the pregnancy – I guess in a way it was. My thyroid seems to have slowed down, which meant I was taking too much medication. I was taking two 50 mg pills a day. Now I’m taking 0.75-1.0 pills a day of PTU. 

As for Graves Ophthamology, my eyes seem a little better. Not cured, but not bad right now.

A little morning sickness starting.


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Hopefully none of my family is reading this because I haven’t announced it to anyone yet, but I wanted to keep track of the process while it’s fresh in my mind.

As I mentioned earlier, I was going to try to get pregnant in May,…and I did!  Obviously, with the last miscarriage I am still restrained in my excitement. I went for two blood tests last week to see if my HCG numbers were doubling. I got a call this morning from my doctor confirming that my numbers look good (both HCG and T3/T4), which makes me 5+ weeks pregnant.  I am still taking 100 mg of PTU a day and of course, my pre-natal vitamins.

I do feel more pregnant this time around. Last time I was pregnant I had uncontrolled and undiagnosed Graves Disease (although no Graves ophthalmology then) and I lost the baby.  Although the baby died at 6 weeks I didn’t find out until 12+ weeks because up until then my HCG levels were still rising because the foetus was still implanted.

What is interesting is that I cannot find any information about Graves ophthalmology and pregnancy.  I am praying that both diseases go into remission in the 2nd trimester and never come back, although I am fully prepared for the worst after birth….oh please let me make it that far.

I don’t feel like any of my Graves symptoms have lessened at all yet, but my numbers (with the help of PTU) are in the normal range. My eyes are still puffy but not horrible. My boobs are more sore than with my first (successful) pregnancy which resulted in my beautiful daughter who is now 2 years old.  I don’t think I’ll relax until I’m into my second trimester, but at least it’s a good start.  Go baby go!

Note: I lost this pregnancy in October 2010 due to genetic issues, but am due in Oct 2011, and everything looks fine.

NOTE: My eyes got better after 1 year of constant puffiness and flare-ups – it just stopped. I have some remaining puffiness, particularly under my left eye, but they don’t flare up the way they used to! Good luck to all!

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Today I had an ultrasound done on my thyroid.  I know it’s useful in determining if there are any nodules or detecting cancer. The technician said she wasn’t 100% sure what a Graves thyroid looked like, but mine was “lumpy” and they are normally smooth.  (see picture)

“Ultrasound of the thyroid is done to evaluate nodules, lumps and enlargement of your gland. Ultrasound can tell whether a nodule is a fluid-filled cyst, or a mass of solid tissue, but it cannot determine if a nodule or lump is malignant.

Because the thyroid typically enlarges in Graves’ disease, and the gland typically reduces when responding to antithyroid drug treatment, some practitioners use ultrasound to monitor the success of antithyroid treatment.”


I have been on PTU for 2.5 months and my thyroid was not enlarged, but, as mentioned, was lumpy when a normal thyroid is smooth. I will let you know what my doctor says about the results. I’m not sure hot to interpret them yet, despite searching the interent.

Check out the November 15, 2009 blog about another Graves patient’s ultrasound and results.

understanding ultraound resutls: http://www.thyroidboards.com/archive/index.php/t-444.html

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