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Alright, I’m half way through and haven’t felt this good in a while!   My last TSH was 0.8 and I should have another result coming in soon. I find out the results of my ultrasound tomorrow – hopefully everything is okay.

A weird observation I made about my urine during pregnancy: it was darker and cloudier during my first trimester and has since gone clear again in 2nd trimester. Weird!  I wonder if it’s Graves-related, because my levels are in the normal range now and I felt wonky during trimester one? 

My eyes are a little better right now (for the last two weeks now). My left eye still pulses at times, but noticeably reduced from the picture I posted.

I will update this tomorrow when I hear back from my family doctor.


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So, I’ve always struggled with defining what is wrong with my eyes because they’re not a textbook case of anything. All I know is that in January 2010 they got inflamed, I got double vision and photosensitivity and puffy eyes – and have been like that every day since. 

Since then my main symptoms are puffy eye lids and some photo sensitivity. I’ve been to the optomistrist who said that there is no sign of ocular muscle inflammation and my eye sight was still better than 20/20 (although they were very dry – I wasn’t on PTU yet, which helped with the dryness). 

So what do I have? I don’t really notice lid lag or a pronounced stare. Here’s a picture of my eye – sometimes it’s better than this, rarely has it been worse. The left is worse than the right. I also frequently feel movement behind my eyes, like a pulsing or twitching feeling, predominantly in my left eye, which is worse.

thyroid eye disease female thyroid eye disease male

Finally, I think it’s safe to say that pregnancy has not affected/improved my eye condition. It will be interesting/scary to see what delivery does to it. 

Updated Sept 17, 2010


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Fortunately, this blog is not about myself, but I feel it would be a disservice to those similarly affected to not post about it.  My best friend’s mother, “Sheryl” has restless legs syndrome – bad enough to be on Parkinson’s drugs to deal with it, specifically Mirapex. This is her story.

Over two years ago Sheryl started hearing voices at night-time. She was convinced that kids in the neighbourhood were up to no good at night.  It seemed plausible at the time, and since her children had moved out and her husband was a heavy sleeper, no one doubted these assertions.  However, the problem escalated.  Soon, Sheryl was up at night watching out the window to catch the perpetrators in the act. There soon evolved plots and personas.

Next, things started going missing from her house.  First, family members were accused of moving her stuff. Next, people were obviously sneaking in and taking stuff. Sometimes they would return things, which was just “maddening”, but claimed that her cupboards of dishes in the basement had been decimated, as was heirloom jewelry. Eventually, Sheryl saw these people in her house. Saw them! She even got her son-in-law to set up a camera. When no one was found on tape, she was perplexed but found a way to rationalize it. All the while, her personality during the day was mostly unaffected, unless the “topic” came up.  Sheryl was also severely sleep deprived. Could that be causing the problem? Sheryl was in her early 60s.

Family members were devasted. Was it dementia? Was it Alzheimers? Was it Lewy Bodies syndrome, which whittles down to a 7-year death sentance? (more…)

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The stats:

  • my hair isn’t falling out anymore (well, just a tiny bit).
  • exhaustion has leveled out
  • on 50-100 mg of PTU/day (vs. 100 mg +)
  • TSH was 1.1 on last visit
  • Eyes are puffier than last month but seem to be improving slightly this week

Basically, I feel pretty good right now.  The worst is definitely over (hair loss, exhaustion, heart palpitations). I still have a long way to go, but I’m grateful to have made it this far. 

I still think the veins in my legs and feet are more pronounced (and I noticed this before the pregnancy). I felt my best during week 6 of pregnancy, oddly enough. I felt normal then. I’m not too bad right now. I think week 13 was the worst.

I’m about 5-10 pounds heavier during this pregnancy so I’m trying not to dwell on that, but when maternity pants are tight, let me tell you, it’s not a pleasant feeling! 

I just really wish another pregnant woman with GD would comment on my blog so I’d have a comparable!  It would be especially nice if she was further along than me.  Hint, hint!

On a personal note, I’ve been dreaming of my dog lately. I don’t know if I can wait until next summer for a puppy. Decisions, decisions.  I have had two girlfriends give up their dogs after baby came along, but I always told my daughter, “I’m Pharlie’s mom too”. (Pharlie being my late dog, of course). Plus, he helped keep the floors clean.  I’m so torn!

NOTE: My eyes got better after 1 year of constant puffiness and flare-ups – it just stopped. I have some remaining puffiness, particularly under my left eye, but they don’t flare up the way they used to! Good luck to all!

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