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Had my monthly blood test today. Apparently my TSH was 2.7 in December and 1.9 in November. Interestingly enough, ever since my TSH was over 1 I noticed I bleed more after blood work. In both November and December I had blood dripping down my arm as I left the doctor’s office. That’s never happened before.

They say that when

  • your thyroid levels are high (hyperthyroid)
  • your TSH is low
  • you have light menstrual periods (or sometimes none at all)

and when

  • your thyroid is low (hypothyroid)
  • your TSH is high 
  • you have heavy menstrual periods.

I wonder if this carries over into bleeding in general?

Deep thoughts…lol


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January 2011: So when my right thigh felt a little numb, I attributed it to the long walk in the snow I did the night before. “Must have a muscle spasm” I thought.  When the next day I got numbness in my face (twitching of the muscle between my jaw and eyes with a knot/hard ball on the jaw), yes, momentary panic, and then, “I have a really big knot in my back, leading to my neck. That must be it.”  When the symptoms continued overnight and I awoke with my entire right side feeling tingly, I freaked and went to the emergency room. Autoimmune disorders run in my family. I have a cousin with MS and to be honest, it is my biggest fear.


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While they say that Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) and Graves disease are two separate conditions, I have noticed a strong link as of late. Now that my TSH is in the normal range, I can see a very strong connection between my eyes and my PTU meds.  If I’m feeling “normal” then taking my PTU will make me feel temporarily “low” and my eyes get puffy. If I’m feeling “high”, my eyes usually feel “tight” and taking PTU makes them feel better and more normal.  Lately, the connection is strong between when I take PTU and how my eyes are doing on a particular day. When I’m less controlled, it’s hard to pin down the effect PTU has on TED. 

Oh, also of note, I continue to experiment to see what brings me the greatest relief of this stupid disease. Because I was going through a “puffy period” with my eyes, I thought maybe spacing my PTU out would improve the condition. I took half a pill in the morning (instead of a whole) and took the other half in a couple of hours. The result, I felt very “hyperthyroid” and my eyes felt very tight – however, they weren’t as puffy. It made me wonder if the puffiness was connected to my latest TSH score of 1.9 – which would be high for me. 

I probably just confused you with my ramblings, but it helps me to keep track of these associations.

NOTE: My eyes got better after 1 year of constant puffiness and flare-ups – it just stopped. I have some remaining puffiness, particularly under my left eye, but they don’t flare up the way they used to!  Good luck to all!

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