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Note: I now know I had b12 deficiency, not fibromyalgia (but a rheumatologist diagnosed me with fibro without a blood test first!). Jan 2012 – I now think I have adrenal insufficiency! Too much cortisol (from stress) causes vasoconstriction, which can lead to numbness, as well as insomnia. Too little cortisol (adrenal insufficiency) causes widespread vasodialtion, muscle aches and fatigue!

Okay, so this January I started experiencing symptoms that would later be diagnosed as mild fibromyalgia. I’m not in a lot of pain but my right side gets numbness and tingling (mostly the thigh), I have the standard tender points and the myofacial pain (tight jaw). I did have migraines, but those went away after seeing the chiropractor. Oh, and sleep disturbances and IBS are also part of its repertoire.  However, now that I know that it’s not something like a brain tumor causing all of those symtpoms, I’m feeling not too bad, considering – a little tired and a little stiff, but alright.  I also get weird chills and heart palpitations, but those are relatively minor and I can ignore them for the most part (the chills pick up in frequency right before bed time).

I got Graves Disease in September 2009, but right now my thyroid levels are perfect and I feel great in that respect!

And the big news is I’m pregnant again!  (more…)


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