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Okay, so I’m pregnant again. Quick recap: baby in 2008, miscarriage xmas 2009, lost a 22 w pregnancy in Oct 2010, and now I’m 11 weeks pregnant again. What a roller coaster. I got GD in Sept 2009 (hence the 1st miscarriage).

So, now I think I’m safe from a miscarriage standpoint. I’ve had an ultrasound at 9 weeks and the baby was alive and kicking. I go for IPS screening next week to hopefully rule out genetic issues, and then I’ll be able to announce to my family that the reason I’ve been so tired and crabby lately is due to 1st  trimester hormones.  Probably 2 weeks to go before I can let the cat out of the bag. I can’t wait.

I’ve been quite nauseous this pregnancy, but fortunately, in shorter bouts. Last pregnancy I was sick from 5pm to midnight.  This time I get intense pukey feelings, but they don’t generally last that long. Much better. I take about 6 Diclectins a day – 2 at night, 2 in the morning, 2 at noonish.

I also didn’t lose my hair during this pregnancy, which I did with the last one. Many nights I’ve gone to bed at 8pm though – pretty standard.

I also am still battling my fibromyalgia-like symptoms, although to a lesser degree. My veins still look blue and swollen, although there are no circulation problems that have been identified. I’m 33 and average weight and fairly fit. Neurologist appt is a month away.

Update: April 17, 2011

Had my second ultrasound (my first IPS ultrasound) and everything looks good so far. I am so relieved, but not relieved enough to tell people. I caved and told my parents this week but just came back from a birthday party, wearing a baggy shirt, and didn’t announce the news to anyone despite the fact that I’ll be 13 weeks on Tuesday!  I am feeling pretty good about this one – that ultrasound was very reasurring but I am still waiting for the blood work. I also contacted McMaster’s Prenatal clinic in Hamilton for additional testing. Wish me luck!

Jan 2012 – I now think I have adrenal insufficiency! Too much cortisol (from stress) causes vasoconstriction, which can lead to numbness. Too little cortisol (adrenal insufficiency) causes widespread vasodialtion!


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