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For the last 2.5 years I’ve been dealing with symptoms that kind of mimic hypothyroidism. Considering during this time I was going into remission from Graves Disease, it was very difficult to find the route cause of all my ailments: dry hair (fluid imbalances), numbness and tingling, major water retention and swelling (mostly of the belly, but fingers, upper arms, face and legs, as well), fatigue, flank pain, nausea, incontinence, swollen veins, not to mention deficiencies in b12, iron, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D.

It all started on my right side, shortly after losing a pregnancy. I was “diagnosed” with anxiety and when I quickly got pregnant again, the rest was blamed on pregnancy or “fibromyalgia”.

I have constant right flank pain. I thought, what they missed by stereotyping me as an “anxious hypochondriac woman” was that I had had a catheter when I lost the baby. My first symptom was incontinence.  I thought it must be a kidney infection. I also have a right subscapular echogenic liver cyst . Last ultrasound showed that it was gone.

I swell up every single night with a giant bulge above my belly button and constant flank pain to this day (2.5 years later). I now know to watch my fluid intake.  I will add some additional details after my doctor’s appointment tomorrow (Jan 26, 2013).

Ultrasound Update: So, I have dilated collecting ducts of the right kidney.  Obstruction? No mass – so hoping not cancer.

Update: CT scan came back “normal”. Back to the drawing board.  Now I have a goiter. Must by hypothyroidism (Graves disease is in remission)


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I had Graves Disease for 2+ years before it went into remission. My latest TSH was 2.1. Why do I still have weird hypo symptoms?

  • fatigue
  • dry hair
  • muscle weakness
  • headache
  • SEVERE water retention above the belly button – a bulge where there shouldn’t be one!  My face arms, breasts and butt/thighs also get bloated, although less noticiably. My stomach is weird, but usually wakes up flat and increases throughout the day

Other weird symptoms

  • bizarre sweating whenever standing, lower back mainly
  • irritability
  • good energy days followed by “crash” days
  • diarrhea and stomach cramping when I used to be constipated all of the time
  • When I lay down at night I can feel the fluid shift. My fingers and mouth start drying out right in front of my own eyes.

Symptoms started when Graves Disease went into remission?! It’s been 2+ years and am still having symptoms. What is going on here?  Adrenal issues? So frustrated.

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So, when I got Graves Disease, I also got very, very dry eyes which I thought might have been Thyroid Eye Disease.  After one year of eyes so dry that they were swollen (despite adding drops constantly), the dry eyes went away, but came a host of new symptoms, such as crushing fatigue, weird vein pain, severe muscle spasms in neck, back and sciatic area. Is it possible that my original graves disease was caused by autoimmune inflammation of the pituitary, and the resulting new symptoms, after the Graves Disease went into remission were hypopituitarism symptoms, such as low adrenal output (hence the crushing fatigue and inability to cope with stress, feelings of impending doom?)

Apparently, hypophysitis is common during pregnancy, and I had 4 pregnancies in four years (two miscarriages).  My mom has similar symptoms and has since her 30s, and autoimmune disorders are common in my family.  I’m too tired to put all of the pieces together right now, but I have a blood req for ACTH in my purse (they couldn’t do it at my family doctor’s lab), so I guess we’ll see!

  • I also have weird water retention – at times quite extensive.
  • I had really low blood pressure for a while.
  • Crazy dry hair and hands.
  • Flushing of the face.
  • Muscle cramps (face, calves, etc..)
  • Low b12
  • tinnitus
  • I did have double vision with the graves disease and with the “new” symptoms, I had wavy lines in my peripheral vision and severe photosensitivity.
  • Crushing fatigue. Occasional bursts of energy would be followed by being bedridden the next.
  • Feelings of impending doom (thought I was dying).
  • Crazy heart palpitations, especially at rest or in the middle of the night
  • Night sweats – severe
  • Vein pain (bloated blue veins that hurt. Feet would hurt in the morning)
  • Muscle spasm in my cheek
  • hypocalcemia and low magnesium
  • Low iron

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