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I got Graves Disease (GD) in Aug 2009. By December 2010 I was pretty much in remission – my TSH was 3.3 at this point and eventually dropped to high 1s, low 2s. Since that time I have have every single hypo symptom in the book. I have seen neurologists, rheumatologists, gastroenterologists. The conclusion was that I had fibromyalgia.  Interesting that this happened when my GD ended, isn’t it. Also interesting that my symptoms were dry hair, fatigue, water retention, low blood pressure, muscle aches, vitamin deficiencies (C, D, B12, ferritin, magnesium) joint pain, etc… Now, I have noticed I have a goiter. My thyroid was a normal size when my GD ended. Now it’s enlarged. Hypo?

It drives me crazy that doctors are slaves to these normal ranges.  I bet a little synthroid and I’d be back to normal.


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