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After having pain and swelling in my back for 3+ years, I have read yet another article that makes me re-evaluate the cause of my troubles.  As my graves was going into remission, I had a sudden onset of pain in my back, shoulders, hips and neck.  I’ve just read an article about adhesive capsulitis & frozen shoulder with autoimmune diseases, specifically Graves disease.  Well, after seeing a massage therapist for the last nine months, and seen drastic improvements in my condition, I’m lead to believe that this might be the cause. During the first 6 months of my symptoms, Jan – Jul 2011, my ESR went up to 34!

During my massages, my skin indents because it’s so adhered to the muscle. The longer I go between massages, the greater the indents!  So weird. Anyway, my doctor thinks I’m crazy because she can’t find the cause of my back pain.  About a month ago, there were three big pops during my back massage and “water” would come out of my back for the next two days.  I’m wondering if it was just capsulitis now?   It kind of makes more sense than some of the other theories I’ve had, but I could say that about this theory in a couple of months. Oh, the joys of undiagnosed conditions!


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