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Was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in Sept 2009.  Allergy symptoms started January 2010. January 2011 my body seemed to be reacting to everything. In fact, because the symptoms were so pervasive (I had stomach issues and was low in vitamins, iron, B12, Calcium, Magnesium, ferritin…), I had nerve issues (tingling and numbness) and swelling throughout my body, but worst in shoulder, hips and right side of face; as well as weird swelling between my shoulder blades and the right side of my face (vagus nerve issue?).  In October 2012 I realized that food was likely the culprit but couldn’t narrow it down to anything in particular, but not eating meant no sweating and better stomach.

Three weeks ago I gave up gluten and felt a little better (less gas), but still had sweating  and swelling. I think dairy is at least one of the culprits. I read this article today and am going to try the paleo diet. I do know that my salad of strawberries, romaine, almonds and sunflower seeds (sometimes apples and/or mandarins as well), usually goes down fairly well.  I am going to have to learn how to cook though, and give up corn and eggs and nightshades, which I had been consuming a lot of since going gluten free.

I have also read that once the small bowel is damaged (mine is), that other intolerances develop. So, if gluten damaged my small bowel (without villi damage)

Check out this article on milk, gluten & thyroid:

I do think some of the nerve problems are related to the vagus nerve, particularly the right sided face and neck issues. Here’s an article on the vagus nerve:

Sweating and milk allergy:


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