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I have been suffering weird symptoms for 5+ years. It started after a miscarriage and my graves disease going into remission. After Christmas in 2010 I had sudden and severe back pain that went on to radiate through my whole left side and then became systemic. For years I was red and super bloated and had weird back pain in the gallbladder area.

In the summer of 2014 I went gluten free and and a major improvement in my symptoms, but they didn’t go away.  Recently I had a couple of fungal infections, one itchy rash on my chest and one in my nails.  Also, while the pain was in my gallbladder area, my symptoms would flare after carbs and starches.  I recently went sugar-free, starch free and noticed lots of white specks in my stool which looked like possible spores of some type. They didn’t look like mucous, they were soft and rice-shaped(ish), and didn’t look like bugs. They were totally throughout my stool.  After three weeks I was plateaued and I still couldn’t eat starches without that spot in my back flaring up. I could almost feel it bubbling inside me.

I started CandiGone 2 days ago hoping this was finally the answer to my years of sweaty, bloating, achy hell.

What am I experiencing?

  • neck pain after eating
  • severe dehydration and dry hands & face
  • headaches
  • irritability
  • muscle spasms (probably from dehydration)

I had severe gas pains between my hips for 2 days when I went sugar/starch free and it was so intense I had bruising all down my thigh because it pinched the nerve/vein in my hip. It was so weird, but this is what happened 5+ years ago when my symptoms started and had a numb spot in my thigh.

I have a severe headache right now, but my baby is sleeping so I wanted to write a post for the first time in a long time to mention how this diet seems to help soooo much. I am just praying that I can enjoy carbs and sugar in the future. In the mean time, I’ve dropped a few needed pounds, especially since I’m post-partum still. I’m into my old fat clothes. I would love to drop a pant size still – 15 lbs would be super. Let’s hope this helps!


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