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Just read about this and holy crap, does it ever sound like it could be my issue!


Hepatic flexure syndrome is a relatively common medical issue and can cause gas pains aaeaaqaaaaaaaaddaaaajdq1mtmwogewlwmyotutndlhmc1iztc1lte5y2u5zdviyzmxygand abdominal discomfort. This pain is typically felt in the upper right portion of the abdomen and is thought to be caused by an abnormal accumulation of gas in the area. This syndrome is fairly easy to confuse with other abdominal disorders, so proper testing and medical intervention is important.

Liver function tests are among the medical testing generally ordered when this condition is suspected. If the results are normal, yet the painful episodes are persistent, this syndrome is the most common culprit. There have been instances in which the gallbladder has been removed in the hopes of obtaining pain relief for the patient, but if the problem is due to this particular issue, the surgery will not relieve the pain and discomfort.

Dietary changes are often enough to reduce the painful symptoms of hepatic flexure syndrome. Patient are often told to avoid foods such as beans, milk, and carbonated beverages. In extreme cases, surgical intervention may be required.



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So after two upper GI scopes and blood tests, I don’t have celiac disease. I suspected this because despite being gluten free for 2+ years, I still had symptoms. However, once I found out I for sure wasn’t celiac, I tried eating Raman noodle salad (with coleslaw) and had terrible bloating and diarrhea.

So, right now it feels like a balloon inflates on the right side, under my ribs.  I think it’s gas. I take an SNRI (anti-anxiety) med, Cymbalta, and I can feel that area relax and then all of the pressure seems to move into my lower digestive area.  The problem, taking Cymbalta makes me tired and sweaty. I am currently taking 1 pill every 4 days and it helps.

Gluten isn’t the only issue, but I just can’t eliminate everything. I know that meat and pure vegetables don’t seem to give me issues. Starches and dairy can bug me. Sugar doesn’t really bother me.  So, do I have mid life food allergies? Why does gas or pressure originate under my right ribs? I also get hives and itchy skin (mostly arms and legs and around my rib cage).

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