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So I had a major breakthrough.  I took an antifungal (on a whim) and it cleared up all of my symptoms (temporarily). I think I maybe got some weird systemic fungal infection from a cystic zit in my back (and maybe my hormones and thyroid contributed to it being able to take over my body). It feels like it’s in the connective tissues and fascia of my muscles in my back mostly and moves up my neck and some on my right side of my body).

The antifungal temporarily made everything better (although I was really puffy for a while as it worked). The problem was it didn’t completely clear up and so things gradually returned but I think I have enough info now to go to my doctor and ask for a more comprehensive antifungal treatment.

Crossing my fingers this is it!!!!!


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For over 5 years I’ve struggled with weird health issues, from low b12, fatigue, extreme bloating, weight gain, etc..

Found out it’s not celiac or gallbladder. I think it’s systemic candidiasis.

Recently had thrush in my nipple (twice), a fungal nail infection and fungal rash. This all started after I cut out sugar and most starches from my diet. Any sugar after this point led to a reaction.

I had white stuff coming out of my skin and in my feces.





Chest Rash – Pityrosporum Folliculitis?


Feces/Stool with white specks

(There’s hair from the hairbrush in there and  yes, I need to clean my toilet)



Thumbnail after paronychia



tam nail

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