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After reading about adrenal fatigue and a link to hypothyroidism, I began to realize that a bunch of my symptoms fit really will with hypOthyroidism and not hypERthyroidism.  While I’m convinced I still have some adrenal issues (I’m going to see a naturopath next week), a bunch of my major symptoms fell into the hypo category, such as:

  • dry hair (coarse and wiry, as opposed to ultra fine like it usually is)
  • dry skin – even bumps on my arms and super dry skin on my face)
  • muscle weakness – legs tired easily and felt heavy
  • muscle pains/cramps/spasms – upper arms and calves were particularly prone
  • lethargy – I’m normally I super high energy person
  • mild depression (not so much depressed, but less happy than usual)
  • poor circulation – pins in needles in hands and legs very easily, especially at night
  • major water retention in face, back, stomach, legs, upper arms, etc.. I had a roll of water around my upper stomach. When I came off PTU this roll was slowly getting smaller

I came off PTU 8 days ago.  I was feeling better than I had in a really long time, and was my usual happy self (whom I had almost forgotten completely),  when POW!  My eyes started going…It started to feel like bad allergies. I could feel my eyes swelling and the muscles getting tight. My TED had been in remission since last year, 15 months in total. However, I was still on PTU and didn’t realize my Graves was in remission too. When I stopped PTU my thyroid returned to what felt like normal function, but my eyes just started bugging me again.  I took some PTU and they’re feeling better, but now I know if I come off it completely my eye symptoms while return, which means I’m still producing anti-thyroid antibodies and PTU is holding me steady.

I’ll have to ask my endocrinologist if I can take PTU and maybe a small amount of Synthroid or Armour so that I don’t feel hypo, but also so my eye symptoms don’t come back. I forgot how horrendously terrible my eyes felt. It truly is the worst part of Graves Disease. You look and feel just terrible. Given the choice, I choose hypo over TED! (thyroid eye disease)

Update April 20, 2012

I’ve been off PTU since Monday and so far everything is going great! I still have some Graves antibodies, but not enough to make me symptomatic.  Amazing! And to think I almost had my thyroid killed.

I think my other symptoms are due to hormone imbalance. I had 4 pregnancies close together (only 2 successful). I just read about postpartum estrogen dominance and adrenal fatigue and think it may be the reason for my fluid retention, numbness & tingling and muscle spasms/cramps.


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Had my monthly blood test today. Apparently my TSH was 2.7 in December and 1.9 in November. Interestingly enough, ever since my TSH was over 1 I noticed I bleed more after blood work. In both November and December I had blood dripping down my arm as I left the doctor’s office. That’s never happened before.

They say that when

  • your thyroid levels are high (hyperthyroid)
  • your TSH is low
  • you have light menstrual periods (or sometimes none at all)

and when

  • your thyroid is low (hypothyroid)
  • your TSH is high 
  • you have heavy menstrual periods.

I wonder if this carries over into bleeding in general?

Deep thoughts…lol

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